The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that promoting a large scale unenrollment from the voter lists of both parties may be the single most effective way to force a return to true representative democracy in America.

Frankly the current situation scares the living hell out of me. It's a nightmare to watch the slow motion train wreck as the Obama Presidency unfolds. That's not as partisan as it may sound, because it's abundantly clear that politicians from both parties have contributed and are currently facilitating the debacle. Let's face it, our federal government is literally dysfunctional and if we don't stop the current trends the country we grew up in isn't going to exist much longer.

I'm a pretty old guy and I've watched the Washington circus for many decades now, but I think the vicious partisan ideological politics that have emerged since the Clinton administration is a new and dangerous strain.

The radical Left has hijacked the Democrat party and is running as far and fast as they can before they get shut down. The only good news that I see is that the American public seems to be catching on fast and they're pretty pissed off about it. They want to DO SOMETHING, but the only thing offered to them is to 'call or write your representatives.' I'm on that routine already and I can testify that it's a frustrating, annoying and ineffectual.

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